Headlight Restorations
Gold Coast

Have your headlights faded or gone slightly yellow and dark? Want them looking new again? 

Gold Coast Headlight Restorations. We Come To You.

HRD professionally deliver high-quality headlights restoration using wet sanding and polishing pads to remove the oxidation and any contaminants on the headlight down to the bare plastic. Adding polymer based sealant will keep them clean and bright for years. Restoring your headlights will dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle. But, most importantly it will improve night visibility and safety.

Your car is more than just a mode of transport that takes you from place to place. It’s a friend and companion that helps you go to the places that matter and helps you get the things you need, so make sure to take care of it.

Apart from headlight restorations, we also offer professional car detailing, ceramic coating and paint corrections.

Gold Coast Headlight Restorations

Just like your car’s body, its headlights also have a clear coat over the top of them to protect them from the sun’s UV rays and more. As this is a very thin clear coat it is common to see headlights fade and discolour. Luckily this is almost always reversible! We can restore your damaged headlight lenses and apply a layer of Fireball ceramic coating to ensure they stay looking brand new for at least 1 year*. 

Price starting from $59

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